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Episode 6 - Listen to the Song of Nature: Part Two

Whew...all that work to find Ichitaro, and it turns out he was trapped not by Grosser, but by another Corrector Program, Eco! He really, really hates humans and nothing I say seems to get through to him. He even threw me in a hole!
Thankfully, Nessie was there and I had a snack to tame him before he ate me, but I still don't know what to do about Eco...
Wait, where am I, anyway? I.R.? Anty? Where are you? And why is War Wolf here, too!?

This episode has a lot of touching moments and really gives you a sense of what Eco stands for. He's a really cool character, and I hope you look forward to seeing him more throughout the series. Plus, there's lots of cool action scenes here too! And more environmentalist messaging! A little something for everyone.

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