This page aims to answer some common questions about the Corrector Yui Project, and may be updated as time goes on to address any concerns that come up.

Why are you doing this?

Corrector Yui is something very close to the hearts of many people who grew up in Latin America around 1999-2000 when the series was around, and it is fondly remembered therefore. It is heartwarming, touching, and some of its best moments come in after Episode 18, which is where Viz Media decided to stop producing the dub. The aim of this project is to share this wonderful experience with the wider world, and provide the highest-quality version of the Spanish dub while we're at it.

Why are you using the Spanish dub?

Two reasons: one, not enough Japanese knowledge to translate straight from the source, and two, because that is how it was experienced by all of us watching in Cartoon Network all those years ago, and we wish to share it with you all in this form as well.

How often will the site update?

Episodes need to be translated and then checked before they are deemed good enough to be uploaded onto the site. We are aiming for at worst one episode every two weeks, as some episodes are very dense in terms of things that need to be researched and clarified, or in terms of what needs to be translated.

Why did you translate X as Y?

If you have any concerns about the quality of the translation, either send an email to correctorusagi at correctoryuiproject.net, or send a DM to the Twitter account, @correctoryuisub. This is the first time anyone besides Viz has tried to translate Corrector Yui, and it'd be nice if this could become the new standard version of it in English, so any corrections are appreciated.