About Us

The Corrector Yui Project aims to be the first full subtitled version of Corrector Yui in English. This has only been attempted once before, by Viz Media, and it only reached episode 18, well before even the end of the first of the two seasons of Corrector Yui. This show is a cultural touchstone for people who grew up in Latin America and watched Cartoon Network, and it is the intent of this project to bring the sense of wonder and joy that Corrector Yui has to English speakers.

This sub is based on the Spanish dub, cross-checked with the JP original for potential mistakes or things that have a different standard localization in today's world. The dub is of high quality and the videos here are provided with the Spanish dub audio; you can replace it with the JP audio if you wish, but full accuracy to it is not guaranteed.

The video and audio are combined from multiple different sources in order to present not only the first English sub of Corrector Yui, but also the highest-quality available version of the Spanish dub. Many thanks to "The Nightmare" for providing the Spanish audio - it is the only version available anywhere, and I do not have any tapes of my own at this time.

Contact Us

If you want to reach us for any reason, please reach out to correctorusagi at correctoryuiproject.net, and we will do the best we can to answer your questions. If you have a high quality version of the Spanish dub, especially if it's a raw videotape rip, please contact this email immediately. It is also in the interests of this blog to preserve the Spanish dub in the highest quality possible.