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Episode 7 - Trouble in O-Edo-Net

Oh, yay! There's this new VR park called O-Edo-Net where you can experience the Edo period, and it looks super cool! I thought I'd be stuck waiting in line for it forever, but it turns out Haruna has special VIP passes! And then, as soon as we got inside we had a fun fight where everyone got to look cool! But wait, the merchants we saved looked really familiar...

This episode was absolute hell to translate and took me many, many hours, way more than any other before and possibly since. The whole thing is a huge slew of historical references, some of which are relatively clear and easy to find out about (Miyamoto Musashi), and others which threw me into a deep rabbit hole where I ended up learning a lot about the Bakumetsu period. I tried to provide as much context as I could, but it gets pretty dense.
Still, it's a pretty good episode with lots of fun moments, and I think this is where the series starts picking up the pace a little, as there's more Correctors to play around with as available characters.

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