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Episode 2 - Beware of Nasty Email!

It's Haruna's birthday and she's having a party on Saturday! And, maybe I woulda found out earlier if I actually checked my email...
She's been having trouble with Takashi since he doesn't want to admit his feelings for her. I tried really hard to help them over email last night, but now that I'm back at school, everyone seems so angry! And now Takashi's telling me I sent him a really nasty email I never sent? Ugh, is this something to do with Grosser...?

I think this episode is pretty cute, and I really like just how kinda oblivious Yui is through the whole thing. She's kind of a huge ditz like that. You also get a good glimpse of her friends, I didn't realize until I went back to translate this one that their characters start to be fleshed out this early on.

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