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Episode 1 - Let's go to Com-Net!

Ugh, what a day. First my dad gets caught up in work - again - and then it's more computing work at school. I just don't get computers. But I gotta get this assignment done, and I'm so confused, and nothing's working, and - wait, what's this weird raccoon on my screen? I.R.? Installer? Grosser? And now I'm inside my computer in Com-Net, too? Just what is going on!?

Welcome, everyone! This here is the first episode of Corrector Yui. I remember watching this when it came out almost 20 years ago now, and being immediately hooked. I've been close to my computer since I was little and watching a show about a girl who could somehow get inside hers got me instantly hooked! I really like how you get to clearly see what kind of person Yui is very clearly before the end of the episode, and it sets the stage for oh so many things.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did when I watched it way back when!

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Corrector Usagi

Corrector Usagi

The translator for the Corrector Yui Project! Very excited to share the wonderful world of Yui with everyone.

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